NKCOS+ NK99 S2 COOL Safety Protective Mask Keep cool with every breath


A range of high quality masks with a special cooling inner layer that give you a cool feeling with each breath


Duck Face Protective Masks

A range of high quality protective masks with a unique "Duck Face" shape available in a large variety of colors.

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NKCOS+ NK99 Duck Face Masks Compact & Durable

NKCOS+ NK99 S Kids Safety Protective Masks Durable & Comfortable

Children Masks

A range of masks made with children in mind, offering the same quality and protection as our adult masks. Available in a large range of colors and styles..

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NK99 M Butterfly Mask

A range of high quality safety masks with a "butterfly" shape to fit comfortable on your face.

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NKCOS+ NK99 M Safety Protective Mask Stylish & Close Fit

NKCOS+ 3 Layer Safety Protective Mask Light & Low Cost

3 Layer Safety Masks

A range of masks made from 3 layers of non-woven fabric including a meltblown filter. Available in a large selection of colors

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Sanitizer Products

A range of hand sanitizing products

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