5 Variant Multipack Sheet Mask Box Set


  • This box set contains 5 individual masks for you to use.

    This Aloe Vera enriched mask is an easy & effective skin moisturizing treatment blended with aloe extract, collagen, vitamin E and other emollient ingredients. It visibly hydrates & soothes to bring your skin back to a youthful appearance.

    This Chamomile enriched mask contains a blend of chamomile extract, Vitamin E, collagen that is an effective skin purifying & soothing treatment. This advanced formula helps to sooth and relax the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and healthy looking.

    This natural charcoal enriched mask has the ability to draw out impurities. The mask gently purifies & soothes the skin. Infused with Vitamin E and collagen, it helps restores & refreshes tired skin. The complexion looks cleaner, softer & more youthful.

    This Honey enriched mask contains a blend of honey extract, Vitamin E, collagen & other emollient ingredients that is an effective skin nourishing & hydrating treatment. This formula leaves the skin soft, shiny, refreshed & hydrated.

    This Hyaluronic Acid enriched mask contains a blend of hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E and collagen that is highly effective in smoothing & restoring dehydrated skin. The mask promotes cell regeneration, improves skin tone & skin immunity. With Regular use the skin becomes soft, elastic and youthful.

    Made in Hong Kong